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Making Music for Intermediate Students - Music Classes for Kids 6-8 years old

Making Music for Intermediate Students - Ukulele for kids 6-8

Tuesdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm
Dates TBA (call for info)
Making Music – A Ukulele – based music exploration program for kids 6-8 years old emphasizing collaboration, musicianship and fun! Join us as we take a musical journey through the fundamentals of making music! In this course we will explore rhythm, melody, scales and chord shapes as we learn to play folk and rock classics and also write original songs!
In addition to musical skills, students will be developing innovative thinking, problem solving, and the ability to effectively lead and collaborate by learning how to listen to each other and explore ideas without being shutdown. This warm and nurturing environment will allow musicality, creativity, friendship and self-esteem to flourish. Come learn to play music in the most fun way possible – by being in a Ukulele band!
Taught by Hester Hamman
Ukuleles are available to rent for the course, at a cost of $50. For more info, or to register, please visit www.jalopy.biz or email lynette@jalopy.biz

: $252.00